Oregon Department of Forestry Willamette Valley
Open Burning Announcement
  Department of Environmental Quality


TO:         DEQ, OEM

Open Burn Announcement for Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

*** STOP!  Call before you burn! ***

This announcement is not approval to burn.

➤ All burning is subject to the requirements of your local jurisdiction.
Contact your fire department to learn about restrictions in your area.
Never leave a fire unattended.  Escaped fire is a leading cause of wildfires in Oregon.

➤ Burn bans could be in effect by your county, city, or local fire department.  Unauthorized
burning during a burn ban may be subject to enforcement.  Never burn prohibited materials.
All burns are subject to the Oregon Rules for Open Burning.

➤ Older adults, children, and those with heart/lung disease or respiratory infections are at
higher risk of having health impacts from smoke inhalation.

Agricultural burning:
  Based on air quality considerations agricultural burning is not recommended.

Backyard burning inside special control areas:
  Backyard burning is not allowed from Dec 16th through the month of February.

➤ Other restrictions may be in place.  When possible, use alternative disposal methods.
Burning in compliance with this announcement does not exempt any person from any
civil or criminal liability for consequences or damages resulting from burning.

➤ If burning in Lane County, contact Lane Regional Air Protection Agency for burn
restrictions.  If burning outside of the Willamette Valley boundary (Zone 604), contact
your local Oregon Department of Forestry district office or local fire department.

A copy of this bulletin is here.

*** Call before you burn! ***